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03-22-19 04:03 AM
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I decided to lockdown the forums
Posted on 07-28-18 02:25 PM Link | ID: 1462

Level: 8

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Since: 01-25-17
From: Italy

Last post: 236 days
Last view: 59 days
Due to the amount of spam received in the last months, and no legitimate activity whatsoever, I decided to lockdown the forums for a while.

They'll reopen when I feel the spammers are gone.

Thanks for your understanding.


The Mod Team Has Arrived!
Posted on 03-07-17 05:21 PM (rev. 2 of 03-07-17 05:29 PM by MoonlightCapital) Link | ID: 1282


Level: 16

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Since: 05-22-14
From: Not here, but there.

Last post: 671 days
Last view: 72 days
Please give a warm welcome to the mod team! We are AKPWebDesign and MoonlightCapital, and we plan on getting of all the spam posts and users that have plagued the forum for ages, once and for all. Note that for now we have a bit limited staff permission because we're in a test trial, so we'll try do do what we can.

As MoonlightCapital has precedently stated, if you see any spam that we may have missed, feel free to let us know via PM.

Edit: adding some more informations ~MoonlightCapital

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I accidentally
Posted on 06-23-16 04:04 AM Link | ID: 982
Root Administrator


Level: 27

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Since: 05-21-14

Last post: 541 days
Last view: 327 days
You'll have to use your e-mail to reset your password. Long story.

Unfortunately, I hadn't been requiring e-mail addresses for signups, so there are many users that need a password reset but have no way of claiming their account. If you are one of those people, contact me.

A Few Hours of Downtime
Posted on 12-18-15 02:58 AM Link | ID: 939
Root Administrator


Level: 27

Posts: 150/185
EXP: 105731
Next: 10428

Since: 05-21-14

Last post: 541 days
Last view: 327 days
Short story: some nutjob filled my logs with bogus DNS requests on all server and made everything die. It's back now.

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