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03-19-19 04:58 PM
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Main - Minecraft - My Answer To GamingG

Posted on 09-21-15 01:29 AM (rev. 3 of 09-21-15 01:57 AM by FungrtGaming) Link | Reply | ID: 881


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Ok Hello, i know i have been read a few times about me being banned, but GamingG told me something that is very good, and he wanted an answer, but i had to eat and now hes offline. I'm not sure if im supposed to do this not as a private message, but whats the worst that could happen?
So, he asked me why i continue to violate my ban, and he told me he wants to unban me, but he is fearful i will think what i am doing is ok.
My answer is, ever since my first day of Pwned Galaxy, my first day of minecraft, when rigby250 recomended it to me, that first day started a long trail of bans, kicks, mutes, temps, jails, and warnings. My first day of minecraft i was obviously a noob, so i took the stuff from warp water in that chest. ( i thought it was like a starter pack). I was jailed, and not too happy, i didnt know where i was, who GamingG was, and what was going on. Since them, i became used to the inside of the jail, the screen with the dirt background saying i have been banned, and on my first day, i did not care for the server, becuase i didn't know how unique it was from all the other servers.
I had been through MANY bans, like the Europe ban (i call it the Europe ban becuase i was in europe for most of its duration). The mega-long ban (my longest ban, i FREAKED OUT when i got unbaned i was so happy), and many others.
After I overreacted to Love_Bacon, and SOMEHOW thought it would be a good idea to change my name so it is similiar to a staff's name, i was temp banned, but it lasted longer than any other temp ban, i thought it would only be 48 hours or so, so when i got onto Dyn map, i asked, and i realized that was a really bad idea of me.
Also, i have no idea what kind of drugs i was on when i posted that thing on planetminecraft about the server. But i know you can relate to how i am now. Im sure most of you have told someone you hate them, or they are the worst parent / brother / sister ect. ever, but how do you feel now? You just say and do things out of the current feelings you have, which are usually not permanent.
So i am asked by people, why do i continue to violate this IP ban? When everyone else asked me, i told them simply that i didnt think i had a chance to be unbanned, G probably didnt want to unban me, none of the admins want be unbanned, but then i got a private message from GamingG. He asked me the same question, why do i continue to violate my ban, and evade IP bans. I was gonna say the same thing, until i realized he said more. I read down and he said he actually wants to unban me, but he fears that he will make me think its ok do go on minechat and to talk on dyn map. And since he added that, my answer is the same except for one thing. My answer used to be, i wont be unbanned, G doenst want to unban me, but now that i know he wants to, all thats holding him back is my thick head not understanding anyhting, and now my answer is, i THOUGHT i could never be unbanned, and i THOUGHT you didnt want to unban me, but since he said that, now i know i still have a chance mabye, and he can give me WHATEVER guidlines for now, like if he says stay off the map, or stay off the forums, or whatever he might want me to do, if it brings me closer to being able to come back on, see my town again, see my railroad again, see spawn again, work and work to get gold rank again, talk to South again, then i will do it. I just cant picture Pwned Galaxy becoming something of the past, it would be terrible, its the only server with mostly super nice people, a good world, and a town that i have come a long way with. A message to everyone out there, if you liked the old Fungrt, the spam Fungrt, the ban Fungrt, the grief Fungrt, then you are going to be sad, because he is gone... And there's a new Fungrt in town.
I have been banned from other servers but I just forget about them, but PG is just irreplaceable. I have been playing it since the beginning of my minecraft days, that is a long timeline of memories that I can't bare to see end.
So GamingG, just tell me any guidlines for what i should and shouldnt do and they WILL be followed, and this time, i wont just be good for a month, i wont just be good for 2 months, i will be good, %100 rule abiding, FOREVER. That is a promise.


Main - Minecraft - My Answer To GamingG

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