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Main - Minecraft - Minecraft Server Staff Applications (4)

Posted on 02-15-15 01:29 AM (rev. 2 of 02-21-15 12:04 AM by GamingG) Link | Reply | ID: 497
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Staff applications are now open. You can access the application here.

Before applying, please note that:

  • Staff privileges must be used for the good of the server. Any staff member using staff privileges for personal gain (or for the gain of others) except when undoing grief, etc. will be punished.

  • First time staff members will be given an entry-level position that has limited staff privileges, such as no ability to generate items or fly. If you are looking to apply to abuse the position, you won't get very far.

  • A a staff member, you are expected to be an active member of the community. If you apply for a staff position and our current leading staff have never heard of you, your application will be ignored or denied. If the only thing you have ever done in this community is apply for a staff position, your application will be ignored or denied.

  • Make sure you read and understand the server rules, available in game. Also, make sure you put the phrase "chocolate rain" somewhere in the last section of the application. Doing so proves that you actually read and pay attention.

  • If you are are an active player on the server and have good standing in the community, then, and only then, should you apply. It only takes one bad experience with a server staff member for a player to wish to leave the server forever, and as such, we are extremely careful and minimalist with our server staff selection.

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Posted on 08-07-16 05:31 AM Link | Reply | ID: 1049


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"open".... except for me not being able to make one..

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Main - Minecraft - Minecraft Server Staff Applications (4)

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