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03-19-19 05:25 PM
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Main - Minecraft - Something Important :O

Posted on 09-06-15 01:18 AM Link | Reply | ID: 811


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So, I just wanted to say something, and ask something.
So first, i spent 20 days making my thing that i was gonna use as a ban appeal, i wrote words to a song and it took me foREVer to finish the in-game video using custom npc's and i was on my sister's user, the user that i had before we traded becuase i broke the editing software, iMovie, becuase i tried to import gameplay from an Elgato directly to iMovie, and you arent supposed to do that. So i basicaly lost all of that, i recorded the song, it was all ready for editing. So i am totally not doing that again which means i can't use that.
Another thing, i just want to clarify that what i said on dyn map after i got banned i OBVIOUSLY did not actually mean, and did not actually intend to do that, it seems like everyone thinks i was actually gonna go and be a crazy person like that. Well, just to be clear, i wasnt going to, and i never will no matter how much he can annoy me.
So, i wanted to ask a high ranked admin (hopefully GamingG), when you banned me, what were you most mad about, the staff thing (tenkitsunne) or me and Love_Bacon becuase i have a valid response for the Love_Bacon, and i have an answer to the staff inpersonation thing that is between semi-valid, and fully valid. So just GamingG, or Tenkitsunne or whoever banned me, comment what was worse, and i will tell you my version of why i should be thought of being unbanned.

Main - Minecraft - Something Important :O

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