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05-26-20 06:42 AM
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Main - Profile for insomniac250

General information
Group Normal User
Total posts 19 (19 found, 0.01 per day)
Total threads 9 (9 found, 0.00 per day)
EXP status Level: 10
EXP: 3771 (for next level: 643)
Gain: 297 EXP per post, 95018.999 seconds to gain 1 EXP when idle
Registered on 09-21-14 08:22 AM (2073 days ago)
Last post 01-12-15 03:16 PM (1960 days ago)
in This bunny won't tame (Minecraft)
Last view 08-10-15 05:34 AM (1751 days ago)
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Theme Fire Wave (KP9000)
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Personal information
Real name Blake Durston
Location Earth
Birthday Wednesday, October 2, 2002 (17 years old)
Bio I live in the U.S. with my mom and inter, i go to my dadas house every other weekend, and everyone else lives in one of the following: Belgium, Australia, Japan. But MOST in Australia, they were all born in Australia and my first aunt uncle and cousins moved to Belgium for work, and then my second cousins and aunt and uncle moved to Japan for work. I make awesome youtube videos. PwnedGalaxy is love, PwnedGalaxy is life.
RPG status

Equipped Items
Weapons Nothing
Armor Nothing
Shields Nothing
Helms Nothing
Boots Nothing
Accessories Nothing

Sample post
Posted on 05-26-20 06:42 AM Link | Reply | ID: -1

Level: 10

Posts: 19
EXP: 3771
Next: 643

Since: 09-21-14
From: Earth

Last post: 1960 days
Last view: 1751 days
Posted by Emuz
The sample link.
Posted by Acmlm
Posted by "Shroomy"
Sample nested quote.
Sample spoiler, but I guess I ruined that for you hehe
^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
if ($whateverthislongstupidvariable == $anotherstupidlylongnamedvariable) //Scrydan was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

Sample message.

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